Why combine counselling with massage therapy?

One reason to seek counselling is to get help with anxiety.

You may not remember what ‘feeling calm’ is like. Perhaps anxiety is your ‘normal’ – maybe you can’t imagine feeling any other way.

Common symptoms – e.g. insomnia, racing heart, being highly reactive, intrusive thoughts, feelings of panic – can leave you in such a state of agitation that it’s difficult to feel you have any control over your bodily sensations, or ability to put words to what you’re experiencing.

By starting with massage therapy, we can calm your nervous system to a level where you can begin to identify and describe the sensations you experience.

Used in tandem with counselling, massage therapy enables you to address the body and mind of anxiety:

  • learning to understand and manage the physical symptoms of anxiety
  • identifying its root causes – i.e. when did ‘feeling anxious’ become a habit?

Published by Dr Esther Walker

Esther is a counsellor and massage therapist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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